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After a few months… arrival of Sinterklaas

Welcome Sinterklaas at school

Welcome Sinterklaas at school

It is funny to notice that in any place in the world you have to do it yourself. Even though people said to me,”  it is so good you are back”, or ” let’s work together”, at the end of the day I will find out that I just start over again. Which is not an issue and I am in the middle of that process and enjoying it. It does give me the opportunity to create and look for those projects were I can combine my interests, knowledge of Lagos, marketing/events, making a difference….

Different view of the arrival of Sinterklaas, no palm trees

Different view of the arrival of Sinterklaas, no palm trees


Sunlight still has to come, when Sinterklaas arrives at school

IMG_6102 As for the children they landed. They got their first reports from school and look really good. We are very happy with it, and so are they. They get to know new friends, have sleep overs, go and play after school and are now in the middle of making Sinterklaas surprises. So we are not allowed to enter their room.

Meanwhile the house gets more color, kitchen has great wallpaper, we await the carpet and new lamps and of course still enough to do… but we are getting there. Next week the bedroom curtains will arrive and that room will be ready.

For this week it is just a day to day basis, having parents-teachers meetings, going to a play ( I look forward to that one) and then on Saturday the 5th Sinterklaas.

Of course I think about january and the projects I want to start and people I want and need to see.  The last time I had a long period of time to myself ( well to my self not completely true..;-), were the months after Fauve was born and i started my own business. So, every 16 years not to bad,  is it?

Ps this week was all about meeting about a start up company and a meeting about marketing communications and supermarkets in Lagos. Let’s see were that will lead to. It feels as a good combination of marketing, Lagos and communications. And lucky me, with people who want to move forward as well. Keep you posted.