Countdown has started… for May 25th and May 26th

When this post is on.. it only will be 12 days before I go to the airport and pick up Rob and Emiel. I can tell you right know, we (sounds better ;-, and is true) are working day and night to get all things done before the show. I am lucky Maurice helps me out. It was quit a disappointment when last week I got an email that the stage-sounds and light person was not able to to his job. But you have to move on, so immediately after my meeting that day with the Social Media speaker for the Interactive Workshop, we went to a other company who can help with this. Tough thing is that I have to start all over again on negotiating… and that takes time… and that tik-tok-tik-toks away. Tickets are at the office, sales started… always exited. Also left a big pile at The Lagoon, the place where the show will take place. Send out press kitts to all mayor papers in Lagos. Maybe they will pick it up, maybe not. We will see. With hootsuite I planned all social media for last week. I checked the numbers, and it works, people read and click…. And just now, I got mail that the banners will be ready… so we will put them at The Lagoon restaurant tomorrow… I will take pictures ….