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Great Material for Rob & Emiel in Lagos

Two to go and the show will here in Lagos. Rob and Emiel, very busy in The Netherlands right know, have their show on May 25th and 26th. We are making a big spectacle out of it, to attract many people in all expat communities here. From the lebanese to australians, and Dutch to Italian. We also have a a good connection with Nigerian in Lagos… It is a who for all. This time I worked with Franssen and Van Iersel for the design of all material. It is very recognizable and all elements you see are consistently used. That is something over here people find very difficult to believe, that consistency in design will also contribute to awareness.

One of the hardest things here in my work is teach and convince people that a you can not switch logo’s, designs, adverts every day. I must say that if they once see how it can be done… they are convinced…



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