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Happy New Year 2016

IMG_6262After two weeks, almost three weeks of celebrations and holiday, last week I had to start again with business as usual.

In december we celebrated Beau ‘s Birthday, this time with her own Photo Cake. The last years it were apple cakes by Pierre which everybody loved. This time a Hema one..;-). So we only have teenagers in the house. The kitchen was all decorated with Christmas and Birthday items, very colorful. The next evening on the calendar was Christmas eve with friends and family having dinner. We had great time, and as usual an early morning or late night…

DSC_9115 DSC_9114DSC_9141 DSC_9142 DSC_9170 DSC_9179 Ski 2015-2016

We also went for a ski holiday. Report about snow were not really good. Temperature were still 14 degrees in Austria. But I can tell you we had a great holiday, great skiing ( del for me I don’t have to do the black slopes), lunch in the sun in front of the house, early cocktails with all kind of treaties, busy dinner with our friends and all the kids, enough time for a game and movie after…. Really relaxed and amazing.

Back in The Netherlands back to school and the rhythm of planning. I have the skill, but sometime I just don’t feel to use it. Simply because I not always want to know what I am going to do in three months… So I have to find a balance… I will..