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Show in May Rob and Emiel

It is really starting, all preparations for the shows in May. Rob and Emiel are coming to Lagos to do their amazing show. Last time with Plankgas was a bit smaller, but now I have a very nice an hugh ballroom where they will perform. The Lagoon in Lagos is renovating as we speak. This place can have more then 500 guests per evening, so there is al lot of work for me to get people in Lagos enthusiastic for these shows. I set up a model for sponsoring, Bronze, Silver and of course Gold. Not an easy process, but we are now up to four sponsors. That is not to bad.

All offline promo material is ready. Tickets are off to the printer tomorrow, poster will be finished this week.  I had contact with LagosExplorer, a magazine for the Islands of Lagos. Here you can read what to do, what to see the coming months. This show must be one of those things.

Ofcourse I will be using all social media. Facebook is the most important one in Nigeria. A few weeks ago I already started on the events page to talk about the preparations for these shows. People start to talk about is, but I know from previous shows people will not act until the last moment. My social media plan will help to get the buzz around in Lagos together with seeing and talking to people should to the trick…. I will keep you all posted.

Any questions or reservations for  this show, just let me know

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