Theater in Lagos

In January two ladies from Holland will be in Lagos to perform a show for expats. A breath taking play in which Linda Møller en Mechteld Schelberg exposes real expat life with a touch of Dutch sobriety. “Suitcases & Sacrifices” was initially performed in Dutch as “Offers & Koffers.” The success of this play and the positive reactions lead to the idea of an English version. Performances in Aberdeen, Jakarta, Singapore and Nice showed that the humour and sacrifices of expat life are international. “Suitcases & Sacrifices” is a rhythmic and swinging play about the ins and outs of expat life!

Marketthings is bringing this play to Lagos. So we were in need of good promotion material. PlanC in ‘s-Hertogenbosch made the poster and the digital invitation for Suitcases & Sacrifices. This week we started an email campaign  “Save the Date” to all expat communities in Lagos. And also Internations event of January will start the new year with a performance of Plankgas.

Main focus will be on e-mail marketing and off line advertising for this event. In January we will have exposure in all main locations for expats in Lagos. I will keep you posted.


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